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colortherapy LED LIGHTING

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colortherapy LED LIGHTING

│ Description │

Color Therapy is a health care LED lighting LED products that have a good effect on the physical and mental health as digital color change. Music therapy and aromatherapy then the era of therapy is color therapy. Building materials architectural coatings product is going to open a move on the next generation of digital color therapy era into the era of digital color therapy in analog color therapy.

│ Feature │

Color Therapy is a cute little egg-shaped LED lighting. Use left on a desk or office or bedroom. If the study or work was playing his favorite color LED lighting with color therapy relieve stress and give a good effect on the mind and body.

│ Function │

60 So far unseen can change the filter in pretty over the remote control.
And can change the brightness and saturation by 10 steps with the remote control.
Automatic color change is acceptable. Good release when they turn yogurt meditation or yoga because yoga chakra out the color.

│ Specification │

*H : 249 / W : 160 / D : 164
*Input power 5Vdc / 900mA
*Power consumption 3.5w
*Storage temperature -30~80

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colortherapy LED LIGHTING

colortherapy LED LIGHTING

colortherapy LED LIGHTING